RFP (Request For Proposals) require communication and many discussions between the involved parties. Similarly, th PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) will also require  ample communications between the relevant parties. Aidax can help any RFP / PPA discussions.

Electric Vehicles - EVs

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are rising in popularity and it is envisioned that EVs will be mainstream by 2025 and will replace the current  ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles. Aidax offers cosultations in EVs on technial, business and policy fields.

Renewable and clean energy

It is in the polluted air of some cities  and the rising sea levels that is already impacting some populations. Climate change is upon humanity and alternative fuels are required. Granted that some clean energies are not renewable (such as nuclear fusion), Aidax can guide you through all clean and sustainable energy options.

The Request For Proposala

The RFP is essential in the bidding process and normally provides the details of the product or service to be procured.

The PPA - Power Purchase Agreement

The PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is of great significance when an energy producer (example, a solar or wind park) is in discussions with an entity (example an Utility) that can utilize that energy. Aidax can guide the relevant discussions and ensure a fruitful conclusion.

EVs - Electric Vehicles

EVs are rightfully considered as a technology that is ripe for the present time. With the threats of climate change, EVs are considered as a remedy to our  addiction to fossil fuels such as oil and gas. Aidax can aid the transition to Electric vehicles from a business, policy or technical viewpoint.

Renewable and clean energy

Solar energy as well as wind energy are enjoying massive growth, Solar perovskites promise to bring the costs of solar cells  much lower. In the background lies nuclear fusion, which is widely considered as a disruptor  since it shall radically change energy systems.